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Monday, November 7, 2011

Introducing: David Wilcock

David is just one of those people trying to make this world better, make more and more people aware of what is happening around us. He's also both scientific and spiritual, had many such experiences, even some contact with extraterestrial races. I have my reasons to trust him (for one, I have made some contact too) I did a really thorough research too, so if you don't trust him, trust me.
Here's a short bio: About David Wilcock

And now some interesting videos you might like, hope you enjoy, fill some holes in your knowledge and awake if only a little more...

Listen closely, connect the dots, see the bigger picture...


  1. well i watched the whole video, giving out a lot of facts but i still didint get what thepoint was o.o

  2. great post, very interesting ! +1 =)

  3. Amazing stuff to watch : | Too bad it's so long (the middle movie). I browsed through a few scenes and it seems to be interesting. Especially since it's the brain that is in the centre of the interest here. So many yet unexplained phenomenons regarding this, but sadly: because of this, articles and documentaries are full of tin-foil knowledge, people talking about aliens, near-death experiences and other paranormal activities. I hope this is just 'slightly' different.