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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Extra-Terrestrial Humans in the 50's

All credit about the information ahead goes to David Willcock, who I have covered in an earlier post: Introducing: David Willcock

SoHuman ETs visited Earth in the 1950s and told us Enlightment and Evolution would be attainable in the near future, thanks to a natural cycle. Stunning new videos and documents have emerged to prove this!
Beginning in the late 1940s and early 1950s, human ETs began a systematic campaign to contact people in many different countries around the world. Why can't they still make open contact? Well just look at the world around you.
Now, the question is - how could there be humans that look like us -- but were never born on Earth?

In David Willcock's new book The Source Field Investigations, he gives awesome new evidence that DNA begins as an ENERGY WAVE -- and does not require any physical molecule to exist. It imprints itself in the physical, in a form of an electromagnetic wave.

David Willcock: The structure of DNA therefore exists throughout the Cosmos. We are a Universal and Galactic design, not a product of random mutations on Earth -- and humans have independently evolved on many different worlds.
In my opinion, this is the single biggest surprise that we have in store for us when Disclosure finally does occur -- and it definitely will. It is a question of when, not if -- but some will refuse to believe it until it actually happens.
There is dramatic evidence of a media campaign to tell us the truth that is continually becoming more and more powerful and persistent -- but the latest details will have to wait for future articles.

It's not the first time these ET visitors have come to Earth. Many many races have been visiting Earth and helping humanity, or some, posing as gods, for thousands of years. I recommend the documentary 'Ancient Aliens' about this.
Now these benevolent ET races have been coming into this Earth realm since the late 40's even 30's, and they are here to this day, preparing humanity for the things to come. Nuclear war was a very real threat in the 1950s, as it remains today. We don't hear about it as much anymore, but the largest nations of the world are armed to the teeth with planet-killing weapons.
This problem has apparently caused the ETs to intervene much more directly in our planet's affairs than they normally would have -- in order to prevent the possibility of nuclear exchange.
You may ask - Why they don't just land NOW and solve all the problems? Why, you ask...? Well for starters, every Earth Human problem is caused by Human stupidity, no matter if it's the 'masters' stupidity, or the 'slave' who follows him blindly. They still don't land because the thing we need to learn is RESPONSIBILITY, the key to our spiritual growth. The sad part is, if they hadn't intervened the past century, the Earth would probably be a cesspit of radiation.
UFO Seen During October 2010 Nuclear Missile Power-Down
Robert Hastings: Unidentified Aerial Object Sighted During October 2010 Nuclear Missile Incident
Daily Mail on UFO Nuke Shutdown
CBS Article on Last Year’s Press Conference About UFOs and Nukes


David says: Just today, a news article emerged that is setting up China to be blamed for EMP attacks that knock out electronics. There appears to be an insider effort to blame all of this on China should the story start unraveling... so as to not include ETs in the mix.
The next step is to say, "Wait a minute, look at all these things that happened in October and November 2010! We thought China didn't have it working yet, but we were wrong!"
It's all a big lie. China didn't do these things -- their ET allies did. Interestingly, the ETs didn't completely defeat all military capabilities -- merely weakened them, while giving them the illusion they still can fight back.
This is like watching sports fans who refuse to leave the arena -- long after it has become obvious there is no possible way their team can win the game.

Now, back on topic.  Most of these HUMAN ET races are so sophisticated and evolved, it's really hard to understand everything. They have interstellar craft, can travel to the time/space-space/time, can go through densities (frequencies of existence, the higher the frequency the less dense it becomes, it's all physics)
So, in the1950s contacts included sightings, materialization cases, person meetings, full boarding experiences of UFO crafts, and a LOT of useful information that can transform this world.
David: According to the Law of One series, multiple cases proved that the Earth human ego could not handle the contacts. Various personality distortions emerged that disrupted or destroyed the best-laid plans. 
For this same reason, in-person contacts by 'Confederation' positive ETs had been discontinued by 1981, when the Law of One series came through -- and it appears to have dramatically decreased after the 1960s. 
I have massively increased my research into these areas recently, and now have a much more elaborate perspective on how many people were contacted in the 50s and 60s, what they were told, and how their egos ran out of control in many cases.
Apparently, people who were directly contacted invariably got a Messiah complex or other such “personality distortions”.
(and this is very important in understanding the degree of ET intervention)


Samaciccia called these beings the W56. In Breccia’s book he explains that “W” stands for “double victory” as well as George Washington, and 1956 was the year it all began. The W56 were a group of ETs coming from different parts of the Universe. They looked very much like Earth humans but ranged from 1 to 6 meters in height.
The first encounter took place in April 1956. Bruno was there with two friends – Giancarlo and Julio. They were investigating Rocca Pia castle, which they had acquired a mysterious map of -- and felt there were secrets to be discovered. One night at Rocca Pia, two people appeared and spoke to them. One of them was very tall and the other was only about three feet in height.
The tall captain of the ET group was named Dimpietro. Some of the names given to the ETs were Sigir, Sigis, Itaho, Kenio, Sinas, Saju, Meredir and Romulus.
These names were given to them by the people – as they themselves did not work with names.

The Base

The ETs made their bases by opening a hole underground, compressing the material of the earth into hard walls. The base requires a force field to remain in use – and once they turn the field off, the earth naturally re-assumes its original shape.
It appears the ETs are displacing the atoms of the earth into a parallel reality known as ‘time-space,’ liquefying them, and then pushing them into walls while they are in that configuration.
The science of how all this is possible is revealed in David's upcoming book The Source Field Investigations. Apparently, once the ETs turned the field off, the walls just sprang back to their original form.]
The bases did not have to have an entrance. The ETs just opened up a hole in the ground and that got them in.
The ETs’ most important European base was in Italy. One of its entrances was at the Rocca Pia castle.

'The Friends' asked for logistical assistance -- industrial quantities of fruit, also industrial quantities of metals including strontium and barium nitrate. The contactees had no idea what these materials would be used for, but now they are commonplace in electronics.
In Breccia’s book it is explained that the ETs did not actually eat the fruit. Instead, they used it as raw material to extract nutrition out of – for their own sustenance.
One single green pill they would make could feed the body for at least a day or two – putting conventional “superfoods” to shame.
At 6:48, we hear the Friends’ philosophy that in order to be able to operate among us, humans had to express their goodwill in a concrete way. They said “help us to help you.”
Many people received saucer sightings by appointment – having been given the place, date and time. This allowed the team to get organized with film equipment in advance.
Gaspare DeLama took a series of photos of a flying saucer over Milan. The photos ended up in the second issue of Domenica del Corriere in April 1962. The sighting took place at the end of February 1962 in Milan.
Witnesses were Gaspare de Lama, Bruno Samaciccia and journalist Bruno Ghibaudi, who had authored numerous articles on UFOs. He was one of the first journalists to seriously address the issue.
Gaspare remembers a sighting in the countryside of Pino near Milan. He took excellent photos as well as a short film. The W56 asked Gaspare to choose the place.
Gaspare took two minutes of film, some of which was shown in the documentary. The UFO flutters and wavers in the air due to the presence of slightly-spiraling gravitational fields.
 The dark area on top of the saucer was said to have been caused by a condensation effect. In one photograph, as seen in the next section, the saucer is remaining stationary, and does not appear to have this dark area at all.
Many many people were involved in photographing these craft.  An enormous amount of film and photographs were produced. Many have been distributed indiscriminately. Many have been lost and even stolen.

Breccia: "There were literally hundreds of photos, videos, audio recordings. Many people had the chance to personally meet the W56 – a considerable number of people in Italy alone."

'Friendship' was also active in France, Switzerland, and Germany – particularly in Germany. Also in Siberia, Argentina and Australia and others.

These ET's had vast technological capabilities. Teleportation was used to materialize and dematerialize various sorts of objects – including slips of paper that had hand-written answers to questions asked by the people present at the meetings.
Gaspare: “Their technology is infinite. There were so many things I saw. The ones I remember the most were the teleports. Their film reels, or sometimes even written notes or film clips of flying saucers that we would then watch, just came from above. They materialized in mid-air in the room. Sometimes they came from the floor and tapped me under the chair. Sometimes I saw them materialize in the air."
Communication also happened through normal radios. Two identical radios side by side – one had their message, the other had the normal broadcast on the same station. Gaspare bought a radio and Bruno told him to leave it on the countertop and in five minutes they would prepare it for him.
Five minutes later there was a loud crack and a greenish flame, and Bruno then said it was ready. They immediately greeted Gaspare through the radio. The ET speaking was Sigir.
Gaspare still owns some of the tapes.

6:08: Transcript of message:
“Dear friends. Dear sons. Do not mistrust us, as none of us will waver. Stay together. Stay together. Stay together!
Tolerate your weaknesses – fighting and improving your humanity and your friendship towards us.
Our world is hard for you to understand, dearest. That’s normal. Anyhow, with affection and trust, you can be close to our hearts. [We are] always open towards you and [you can] understand us more.
We embrace you with warm affection and authentic friendship. Yours, Sigir.”

The Friends would also insert themselves into normal television programs. Gaspare recalls watching a film and having it interrupted by scenes of their saucers flying. In the background the ETs' voices were greeting them.

The W56 had said that love, in the basic sense, as ethics and as respect and altruism – should guide every thought and every action. They had said these values were essential to insure a safe and healthy evolutionary progress – a lesson that humanity had to put into practice if it wanted to avoid the risk of terrible self-destruction.

7:37: The words of Ghibaudi emphasized what the W56 had said was one of their main tasks on our planet –controlling the nuclear armaments belonging to the superpowers, in the fear that man might make the terrible choice of using them, and unleashing a total war.
As a matter of fact, this is one of the key themes of the entire story of worldwide contactism. Adamski, Siragusa, Menger and many other contactees receieved the same kind of message from extraterrestrials.


The W56 actually intervened with their UFOs and their technology – using the help of previously trained terrestrial operators – to stop a situation that seemed it might lead to something irreparable. The incident occurred in 1967.
Breccia: "So an operation managed by human beings was launched, which was designed to disable all nuclear warheads in the Soviet Union and in the United States in the face of a situation that seemed risky, that might degenerate from one minute to the next.

There are books written by officers of the US Air Force, by now retired, (Screen shows “Faded Giant” by Robert Salas and James Klotz) which tell the story of how their battery of Minuteman missiles had been rendered inactive by flying saucers that were involved in the area."
“Faded Giant” contains military documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Consul Alberto Perego wrote four books on UFOs and how they relate to governmental decisions. There are many clear UFO photos in the books.
Some are said to be from inside the cockpit of a flying saucer, and the images were given in the video.
David: They are not stunning, but they are interesting -- as I've never seen any other purported photographs of something like this.


The Friends also revealed that their real name was Akrij. Stefano Breccia has done research on this name, and discovered some very interesting aspects.
Breccia: The word Akrij is a plural noun in Sanskrit that means “The Sages.”
At that point, I tried to see it in Egyptian. I discovered there are two very similar words.
The first term, Akriju, is the name of these definitives, which usually means “the wise people.” Then it occurred to me to inquire into other languages. I discovered that in classical Greek, Akrij means Akeo, or “people in high places.

In classical Arabic, Akrij means “group of friends,” or something like that. As a proper noun, the word is fairly common.

In the end, I would like to express my personal thanks to Mr. David Willcock, for bringing this info and for the next pile of documents you can all see.
David: By clicking on this next link, you can access the collection of 1950s documents from “contactee” cases that appear to be highly accurate – describing our movement into a Golden Age and the spiritual principles we need to get there.
You will meet W. B. Smith, a Canadian government employee, who identified about twelve different people, in different geographical areas, who could all give the same answers to a 100-part questionnaire he devised, partially from classified information.
Since Don Elkins of L/L Research had direct contact with W.B. Smith, he was able to acquire actual documents that were 'vetted' by Smith's process -- as well as others that were of equally high value.

Hope you enjoyed the post, and are preparing yourself on all levels, for the things to come.


  1. Thing is, that ALL the pictures with UFOs, aliens, strange creatures are blurred, washed out, or unclear. FFS we are in 2012 now, almost every phone has HD video recording now, and there still isn't a clear video or picture of UFOs..
    And btw, nice post.

  2. mmm i am not really in the UFO stuff but il send this link to a maniac friend XD haha

  3. They are not all blurred, there are videos and pictures where you can clearly see the craft, but ignorant people always say the HD pictures are fake. For an example, on tv and documentaries you will only see blurred pictures, because the media doesn't really want you to know about this stuff. They put it in regular casual conspiracy theories, but it, in fact, is one of the most important subjects in this point in time.

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