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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Secret History of the Earth Part1: Vimanas - Ancient Flying Machines

The world is changing as we know it... to fully understand what is happening on this planet, one of the things we must do is to go back to the past, explore what humanity on this planet has been through, explore the history of this planet beyond the bullshit they teach us at school. When we do that, we will start putting together the big picture... from basic human genetics and physiology to extraterrestrials being in contact with ancient civilizations on Earth. The history of Earth and Humans on Earth is A LOT older than you might think. The evidence is all around, you just have to look.

So, I'm going to start with the Vimanas.
In the Indian Ramayana and Mahabharata there are parts which depict in detail how to build flying interstellar crafts, among other things, like extraterrestrial races.

So, Vimanas are the mythical flying machines chronicled in these ancient Sanskrit epics of India. The story of the Vimana predates Jesus by thousands of years, and the Hindus of today’s India believe the existence and usage of Vimana to be historical fact. There is a plethora of ancient Indian literature which deals with the Vimana and its many aspects. Most of the epics await translation.
One epic, titled Manusa, gives clear instructions on how to build the craft and the proponents that make them able to fly. Other texts have names such as ‘The secret of making Planes invisible’, ‘The Secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in Enemy Aircraft’ and ‘The secret of making Planes motionless’.
There are many other texts about Vimana which are spoken of in the epics, but have not yet been discovered. Many texts speak of ships and planes with nuclear capabilities and a great nuclear war that took place. In the ancient ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, once part of the Indus Valley Civilization, 3000 year old skeletons where found with radioactivity levels that surpassed that of the bodies at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The ruins themselves also emit high radioactivity levels. It is a documented fact that the city was destroyed suddenly.

The wording of the texts is highly technical, and speaks at a high level of intellectual maturity in areas such as physics and aero dynamics. One text of the Vaimanika Shastra, which translates as ‘Science of Aeronautics’, includes 230 stanzas, concerning aviation matters such as construction, take off, cruising for thousands of miles, normal and forced landing, protections of the airships from storm and lightening and how to switch the power source to solar energy from free energy. The same text describes at great detail the construction of the mercury vortex engine, which is the forerunner of the Ion vortex engine used today by NASA. In 1895, a Sanskrit scholar named Shivkar Talpade designed an aircraft based solely on the Sanskrit document concerning the mercury vortex engine.The unmanned craft reached a height of 1500ft.

There is also a lot of evidence out there, that in fact, Nazi Germany led by Hitler, sucseeded in creating these craft. That is just one of the reasons why there were many expeditions led by German soldiers and scientists all over the world, even in the most secluded rainforests of South America, the dessert Gobi in Asia, even the freezing Antarctica. There are rumors of German Bases there that exist to this day.

...But I will try to include more about this in the next part
Thanks for reading and keep your eyes as open as you can


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