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Sunday, April 8, 2012

User's guide to Enlightenment - Part I


Today we're going to talk about Enlightenment. First of all, I'm NOT here to PROVE ANYTHING to ANY of you, just so we're clear. If you are ready for this knowledge, you will accept it, without blindly believing in it, and also without being ignorant, of course.
What is that actually? It is raising you consciousness into a higher level. We are all conscious energy, manifesting in a physical human form. No, this is not religion, this is a balance spirituality and science, the only way to go. Most of the ancient spiritual concepts are now being proved by science, that thoughts are energy that is first formed in the electromagnetic field, then in the brain; that consciousness is energy and that it is not local, it is everywhere, what differs is the amount and level of it; there are other densities/dimensions of existence, everything is wave, a frequency, the higher the frequency, the less dense it becomes. These are just a few examples.
In this short user guide, I will concentrate more on the spiritual aspect, the aspect that actually gives meaning to the creation and existence of the consciousness and universe.
This topic is so big, I would go on for days even weeks, if I could.

Down to business.

We have 4 bodies, the material (physical), mental, astral (emotional) and spiritual body (higher self). When we are awake, we are aware in the physical body, when we sleep or do astral travel, we are conscious in the astral body. We have energy centers called chakras, on our body (you can read about it on the web for more info), and in the first, root chakra, there is our dormant energy of awakening - the Kundalini energy. It is the only energy that belongs just to us, as individual streams of consciousness. It's all physics, but physics of consciousness, and these things are proven by science itself, daily. The problem is, for example, an ignorant person (one of many many many like him) demanded evidence of some of the claims I was presenting, so I gave him evidence. Of course it wasn't enough for him, and he turned a blind eye to the Truth, because he was to afraid to hear it. It's sad.
So, back to topic. This Kundalini energy awakens, as we grow as a person and evolve. As we become more aware of the true reality, as we solve the problems inside of us, inside of our subconscious that projects these problems in the material reality, the Kundalini rises up slowly up through the chakras. It makes us even more aware, raises our vibration frequency and even gives us back our natural abilities (healing, telekinesis, telepathy, empathy etc.). When it rises to the crown chakra, we are 100% enlightened in the physical density.

Existence is vibration

Everything has a vibration, everything is energy. Even physical matter is energy, more condensed, more dense, but still energy. The higher the vibration, the less dense it becomes. It is said there are 9 densities of existance. But all vibration can be divided into as many density levels as we want.
This is kinda how it goes.

Mineral Kingdom - Heaviest density >>>then 2nd density>>> Plant Kingdom >>>then 3rd>>> Animal Kingdom + Lower vibration level Human >>>>then 4th>>> Higher Vibration Level Human, Light Body (At this point, these civilizations are highly evolved, and can travel space in a much less dense state) >>> Soul Body >>>>> Angels >>>>>> Archangels (call angels and archangels whatever you want, they shouldn't have anything to do with religion). The purest light Source, the highest vibration, so high, that it's not a vibration anymore = 0, call it Unity, call it God, call it Pure Love, Pure Bliss, whatever. The Absolute, out of space and time...The thing some call God, is not perfect, it is not the perfect Absolute, it is lacking it's second half, the creation, us. This SHOULD'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.
So, anyway, it is said that from that top/bottom it goes up/down again.... so it's a kind of a circle of vibration.

Narrowing the road of this first part

Now, some things you will read, you must not take for granted, and try to understand the deep meaning of it, not just the literal meaning.
Everything on the outside is an illusion. Why? Because it is a projection of our consciousness, of our inner selves. This has been hard to grasp even for myself. Everything that happens to us outside, has a root from inside of us, every single problem.
Here's where the law of Karma kicks in. I don't know why it's so hard for most people to understand and ACCEPT the law of Karma, when they can already understand the law of action/reaction, which is actually a fraction of the law of Karma...
Karma is the law of balance and order. Dharma is creation/life (YES, life is created by pure consciousness, not by some perverted thing called God, or some random cosmic events with NO REASON AT ALL... if one of these views makes perfect sense to you, I don't know in what other way to help you, you are a sheep of society either way), which cannot exist without order. These are LAWS by which the Universe functions, just like space, time, gravity, etc...
So, Karma is actually the Truth, about the Lie inside of us. Try to understand this.
To reach enlightenment, first you must clear your Karma.

The things that block Karma from clearing and Kundalini from activating are actually:
1. Jealousy/Envy
2. Hate
3. Revenge/need for revenge

The ways to clear and stop Karma are:
1. Truth
2. Honesty
3. Ethics

Duality: Concept of Good and Evil

Contrast. We see everything in black and white. The thing is, 'good' and 'bad' don't exist, we create them. The Universe exist and functions, there are just the levels of the evolution of consciousness.
BUT, we created good and evil, as much as they are in Truth, illusions, they are illusions we must experience.
The good side of Evil is that it can be cleared, the bad side of Good is that it can be lost. 'God' is Truth. If you search for 'God' outside of you (like every religion exept Budhism) you will never find 'him'. The link to the highest form of consciousness is within you. Nothing can ever be destroyed, yes, energy just changes it's form... but everything withers away, except for the Truth. The Ego fears Truth, or it tries to mimic it, so it creates illusions, so it creates good and evil... and in a sense, they do exist, and very much so. The mind created this universe, because it wished to. But more on that in the next part.

I hope you liked this introductory part, much more to come on this topic.
Forward any questions in the comment section, and I shall answer.



  1. Very interesting stuff bro, especially the Karma blocking / clearing part.

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  6. I never could really grasp the idea of Chakras and reaching 'enlightenmen'. Especially if this is going to be strongly related with the feeling of 'not feeling at all' - even the brief idea sounds very weird to me. Interesting religion and philosophy, though.

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