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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret History of the Earth Part4: Atlantis and the Atlanteans


There is a lot of evidence on this subject and a lot of facts. Yet you won't hear about the facts on TV, of course, not even on the Illuminati controlled Discovery Channel or National Geographic. They don't want you to know that Human history on this planet is much much much older than you are taught in history class.
As I said, there are facts, but also many theories about certain details about Atlantis' history and the Atlantian people. Atlantis is said to have been situated in the Atlantic ocean, and the Atlantean civilization lasted almost 250,000 years from its first age to its final days, the last of its islands going beneath the seas around  9000-10 000 years ago.
The story of Atlantis was first told by the Greek philosopher Plato as a parable to show how heaven punishes those who worship false Gods. But at the same time he hints that the story is true -the memory of a terrible cataclysm passed down by word of mouth for hundreds of years.
The cataclysms that led to the fall of Atlantis are widely attested in the geological record, being generally accepted by modern Geology. So are the massive extinctions of all sorts of species, and particularly of the large mammals which took place at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, some 11,600 years ago. Some 70% of the former species of great mammals which existed in the former era became extinct then, including, in all probability, two species of humans, the Neandertals and the Cro-Magnons, which became extinct more or less at this epoch.

There are ruins of temples that dated at 12,000 years old have been found near Bimini in the Bahamas. Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, smaller in size than the Great Pyramid of Giza, appear to have been more advanced. Casing stones have been measured which are of the same unique angle as those at the Great Pyramid. The ruins are megalithic and bear a remarkable resemblance to ancient sites in Egypt. So called "quarry marks" found in the Aswan quarries and also on the Great Pyramid, itself, appear to be identical matches with those found on the Bimini temple stones. One major difference, however, between the Egyptian sites and these stones is that on The Bimini stones you find a great number of sky maps which have recorded the paths of various heavenly bodies. 

More interesting info I found...

The islands are known as Aryan, Og. Poseid, and Antigua and the nation was Atlan. Garden City, or Poseid, was reportedly the capital of a continent stretching from from North Africa and Europe to Florida with a tropical climate on the western and southern shores, and a cool climate on the north and east. 
Ruins of roads and buildings found off Bimini Island in the 1960's by the photographed and published expeditions of Dr. Mansan Valentine. Steven Forsberg, co-founder of the Lahaina Times newspaper dove into these ruins in 1982 to witness them first hand. Similar ruins were also photographed off Cay Sal in the Bahamas. 

The ruins are of the same construction as the oldest city ever found on land, according; to archaeologists, in Tiajuanaco, Bolivia, where a calendar was uncovered that shows the exact position of the stars and planets 27,000 years ago. This is more than 20,000 years BEFORE the oldest civilizations in school history books! Similar underwater ruins found off Morocco and photographed 50 to 60 feet underwater. 
Dr. David Zink found in 1957, off the Bahamas coast, a stylized marble head, building block cast in a mold and a construction piece drilled by a bit, as well as a stone column that he reported radiated energy. Forsberg of M.I.N.D. interviewed Dr. Zink and obtained the photographs.
A ruined harbor like complex discovered on the sea floor off Bimini Captain John Alexander. The deep sea diving submarine Aluminaut discovered a well preserved paved road on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean make of blacktop magnesium oxide, running along the sea floor from Florida to South Carolina.
Temple pillars, buildings, statues, wide curving boulevards with smaller avenues branching out like spokes in a wheel, majestic temples and pyramids videotaped by Captain Reyes Miraga on the Spanish named salvage ship "Talia".
A huge 11 room pyramid found 10,000 feet under water in the mid Atlantic Ocean with a huge crystal top, as reported by Tony Benlk. Several acres of white marble-like ruins found on tile ocean floor off Cuba reported by Lieceser Hemingway. Mysterious dome structures reportedly seen in clear water by several pilots in the Straits of Florida. 
1981 expedition of P. Cappellano discovered mysterious ruins with strange symbols on them on the sea floor off the Canary Islands. 1977 report of a huge pyramid found off Cay Sal in the Bahamas, photographed by Ari Marshall's expedition, about 150 feet underwater. 
The pyramid was about 650 feet high. Mysteriously, the surrounding water was lit by sparkling white water flowing out of the openings in the pyramid and surrounded by green water, instead of the black water everywhere else at that depth. The foundations of a 100 by 75 foot structure photographed on the sea bottom off Andros Island.

15 WRITINGS that relate to Atlantis:

1. Plato wrote a detailed account of Atlantis with its location, later history, culture, and destruction. 
2. Ancient writings from the Aztecs and Mayans like the Chilam Balam, Dresden Codex, Popuhl Vuh, Codex Cortesianus, and Troano Manuscript were also translated into histories of the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. 
3. The Oera Linda Book from Holland is said to be one of the oldest books ever found. Adela tells of the destruction of the large Atlantic island by earthquakes and tidal waves. 
4. The ancient Greek historian Diodorus wrote that thousands of years earlier Phoenicians had been to the immense Atlantic island (where Plato wrote Atlantis was). (Note that Phoenician hieroglyphics have been found on numerous ruins in the South American Jungles that are so ancient that the "white" Indian tribes nearby lost memory of who built these ruins). Diodorus wrote that the Atlanteans had WAR with the Amazonians! 
5. The Greek Kantor reported visiting Egypt where they saw a marble column carved with hieroglyphics about Atlantis. 
6. Greek historian Ammianus Marcellinus wrote about the destruction of Atlantis (he was highly respected). 
7. Proculus visited the islands off Africa (Canaries or Azores) where the natives told him of the destruction of Atlantis around 450 A.D. long before that date). 
8. Plutarch wrote about the lost continent in his book Lives. 
9. Herodotus, regarded by some as the greatest historians of the ancients, wrote about the mysterious island civilization in the Atlantic and a city on it located in the region the Dr. Asher expedition found just that! 
10. The Greek historian Timagenus wrote of the war between Atlantis and Europe and said tribes in ancient France said that was their original home. (Note that clear bright paintings in caves in France clearly show people wearing 20th century clothing: one painting led to an underground pyramid complex. French historian and archaeologist Robert Charroux dated them at 15,000 B.C. 
11. Claudius Aelianus referred to Atlantis in his 3rd century work "The Nature of Animals". 
12. Theopompos (Greek historian) wrote of the huge size of Atlantis and it's cities of Machimum and Eusebius and a golden age free from disease and manual labor. 
13. James Churchward wrote several volumes of books documenting ancient writings he claims to have translated in Southeast Asia concerning Atlantis and Mu, while geologist William Niven claimed to have excavated identical tablets in Mexico. 
14. Dr. George Hunt Williamson, who authored several books on his Atlantean-Lemurian research in the 1950's, was an anthropologist explorer once listed in Who's Who in America. Williamson wrote how descendants of the Incas led him to an ancient manuscript in a temple in the Andes Mountains that told of the destruction of Atlantis and Mu, which had an advanced technology, by earthquakes and tidal waves. Williamson also visited dozens of Indian tribes in the United States and Mexico that told him of Atlantis and Mu, including the Hopi Indians. 
15. Tablet from Lhasa. Tibet and also from Easter Island. It is clear from ancient writings that belief in Atlantis was common and accepted in Greece, Egypt, and Mayax {Mayan and Aztec Empires) by historians. The Basques of Spain, the Guals of France, the tribes of the Canary and Azores islands, a tribe in Holland, and dozens of Indian tribes all speak of their origins in a large lost and sunken Atlantic land. 

The ATLANS/ATLANTEANS and their history

An interesting text I found, about the Atlanteans.... weather it's true, you decide.

Atlantis started out with the more feminine energies and developed into a more technological society. There were times it had high rise buildings, high rise civilizations, air traffic, some sort of monorail, congested areas, the arts of healing with crystals, science, magnetics, gravitation, and explosives. 
There was a great deal of extraterrestrial contact and involvement. They lived lifetimes longer than the ones we currently live. During the times of the flood, many people migrated to the areas that would one day be South American, Central American, and Egypt. 

That is one of the reasons that there has been a similarity in architectural styles, pottery styles, and even some of the religious forms of worship on 2 different sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Some controversial theories have equated ancient Thera with Atlantis. Thera is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea which was devastated by a volcanic eruption in 1625 BC. Until then it had been associated with the Minoan civilization on Crete.
Most ancient writers on Atlantis agree that the Atlanteans attained a zenith of luxury and that it led to their downfall. The ancients said Atlanteans became so materialistic and hedonistic that they lost their spiritual vision, and turned away from God. Atlanteans were said to have been extremely good looking people. 
They allegedly wore intricate bejeweled clothing, living a life of leisure partying, feasting, dancing and using exotic drugs. In their 50,000 years on this planet they mined gold and used it as a building material much as we use steel today. They covered their temples and lined their streets with it. In their creation of Heaven on Earth they did not desire to pursue the concept of Heaven after death, believing they had it made on Earth. 
Biologists today admit that the brain capacity of skulls found from the later Atlantean era is larger that that of modern man. They used 90 percent of the brain as opposed to the 10 percent we presently use. Their seeing and hearing was far beyond the range of our senses. They could see auras of rainbow colors all around living objects and hear higher frequencies. 
It is said that they created a work force of robots, androids, and humanoids from genetic engineering to create and maintain most of the physical plane. Use of computers was common. Their life span was supposed to be 1,000 years. Cross breeding species resulted in mermaids, mermen, cyclops, unicorns and other creatures thought to be mythological. Some of these creatures survived till the Rise and Fall of the greek Empire, where belief in these creatures was widespread. Genetic engineering also resulted in Atlanteans of super strength and huge stature (Titans) able to perform super human tasks. 
The Atlantean people could also telepathically communicate with porpoises (their symbol). They mastered submarines. They created underwater cities in the Atlantic Ocean in domes. Scientists learned how to block brain impulses to parts of the brain that caused crime and negative emotions...later used for mind control. These scientists were very clever. They took over the government. 
Humanity lived in the moment and for the most part without fear. Government scientists knew that cataclysms had already destroyed most of Lemurians around 24,000 BC. Thule before that had split up Atlantis into 3 huge islands only 400 years earlier. Atlantean scientists created underground cities in the area that is now South America, under the Atlantic Ocean, below the South Polar continent (then ice free), and on the Moon to escape worldwide calamities.
They had huge aircraft waiting to rescue them. Beneath the Antarctic was an ultra modern spaceport called Rainbow City. They appeared to have had 4 types of flying ships. There were 113 models of these 4 ships. One was a conical gold craft, one had silver rockets, one was a 3 story ship, and one that was constructed in bird shapes. Ancient texts called Vymanika Shaastra describe pilot training, flight paths, individual parts of the flying machines, as well as clothing for pilots and passengers. Details of the metals used and propulsion systems are noted. Also a checklist of 32 instructions for the pilots before they were allowed to fly. 

Millions starved. After a few centuries humanity degenerated back into savagery. That is why relics of a stone age and a space age have been found in the same place. It would be a long time before mankind would evolve to a higher level again....or have we? Is our fate the same as the Atlanteans? Many believe so......

There are many other texts similar to this, but not the same. Can we anyone really be sure as to answer all the questions about Atlantis with 100% accuracy and certainty?

The Atlanteans have been labeled Hyperboreans, Aryans, gods (little g), Titans, Giants. There are certain archeological finds of giant human skeletons, that are kept secret. Were these the Atlanteans or Lemurians, or another ancient race from Earth, or maybe an Extra Terrestrial one...?
I have covered in the previous post the connection with the Aryans and Nazi Germany and Hitlers obsession with the Aryan race and ancient Human secrets. The Aryan race is believed to have descended from the Atlanteans, when after the cataclysms the remainder of people from Atlantis scattered, mostly across Europe, and then Asia too. The remaining Atlanteans apparently started the civilizations we today know as Ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Soon, Humanity was at it again, different cultures started merging, creating new ones and mixing genes.
Apparently the Aryans are/were big, tall people, with blond hair and blue and green eyes. From the Aryans, in time, developed 3 factions in Europe, the Slavic (Today Russians, Belarussians, Ukranians, Polish, Czechs Soslovakians, Slovenians, Serbians, Slavic Macedonians, Slavic Bulgarians) , Nordic (Today Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish) and Germanic (in most of today's central Europe) people,  that's why there are great physical similarities. It is believed that humans with the common Aryan features, are the purest human race (This has nothing to do with Hitler's war).

There is A LOT more to cover, but that would take days to put together, about the Atlantean contact with Extra-Terrestrial races and inter-Galactic affairs, or even the Galactic origin of the Atlans themselves.
Next time I will post about the Ancient Aryan/Slavic city of Arkaim, located in the Ural-Tobol Steppe in the southern Urals in Russia. It was just a city, but it can tell us a lot about Human history and the Aryan people and culture.


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