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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Introducing: Dr.Steven Greer

Today, I'm posting about another man, which I think is contributing greatly to the whole 'Truth movement'. He is also one of the few people that I safely can say that I trust. Well, many of the things he says may seem far fetched, but I assure you, I've researched and experienced some things myself.
So, let's get right to business... WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON in this World...? A rather complicated question... and a quite important one at that. The world is in chaos and it's high time to ask ourselves, WHAT THE HELL is going on !?  ...Part1/4

So, there you go, one of the best sources of info about Free Energy Tech, Secret Government manipulation, ExtraTerrestrial races, all that stuff, into 1 big picture... how it all works behind the scenes of this society, and how it has been working through the ages.
The following 2 are from a seminar, and they are about 2 years old, so some info is a little outdated, but nevertheless it is equally important... Just watch it, without ignorance and judgement, but with understanding and an open mind. We need to open our eyes, all of us...
When will we officialy know about Extraterrestrial races (human ones in fact)... don't know, have been waiting for years now, although I (believe it or not) have made some contact with ET's (several times actually, involving me meditating, and crafts appearing in the sky, exactly how Steven describes it. Take in consideration, I did that, before I had heard of Mr.Greer). When will the free-energy devices gonna actually officially come out and be put in mass production... we'll just see... I'm betting for society, as we know it, first falling.

I haven't seen a new video for, what, maybe half a year, but I believe he's still working as hard as he can. As a matter of fact, you can check out his sites:
The Disclosure Project
Center for the study of Extraterrestrial Races
The Orion Project


  1. Great Dr! Amazing!

  2. Interesting, I do this questions to myself all days

  3. Why do I have the impression that I have heard about this man a lot on the TV...

  4. It's so great, and good video! =)