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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Secret History of the Earth Part3: Secrets of the Nazi

So, as promised, here is the third part of the Secret History of Earth. Next time I will maybe post about Atlantis or Lemuria.
So let's start. Hitler with the Third Reich led Europe into a decade of terror that culminated in World War II. Technology played a greater part in that war than in past conflicts and the Nazis developed a lot of amazing secret weapons in a short time.

Flying Saucers

First of all, many of the reports of Nazi flying saucers can be traced back to a book called 'German Secret Weapons of World War II' written by Rudolf Lusar in the late 1950's. Lusar was a major in a German army technical unit during the war. His book covered many of the  advances like the V1 and V2, but also included a chapter on the so called "Wonder Weapons."

According to Lusar, a German aircraft designer named Rudolf Schriever, along with other engineers Habermohl, Mierth and Bellanzo, were working on a few disc-shaped aircraft toward the end of the war. At a facility near Breslau, in Poland, a group headed by Miethe constructed a prototype of a circular air vehicle 137 feet in diameter with an elongated hump on top for the cockpit.
The aircraft was to be powered with "adjustable jet engines." The device was allegedly destroyed when the plant where it was being constructed was blown up by German troops that were retreating, before it could be overrun by the Soviets in 1945.

The first test-model developed between 1941 and 1942. This had the same flight properties as that in fig. (a), but something was wrong with the controls.
At another location just outside Prague, another group, led by Schriever and Habermohl, was working on an additional disc aircraft. Diagrams included in the book show a central egg-shaped control pod surrounded by a nearly flat disc. The disc appears to be composed of fan blades that rotate to create lift. Ports on the lower part of the pod appear to be connected to jet engines that provide the forward propulsion.
Lusar states that the Schriever machine was tested in 1945 and supposedly reached an altitude of 12 kilometers (39,000 feet) in a little over three minutes. He continues by saying it had a top speed of 2000 kilometer an hour -  faster than the speed of sound.
The 'Ballenzo-Schriever-Miethe Disc'. The retractable undercarriage legs terminated in inflatable rubber cushions. It carried a crew of three. 
Schauberger's models of 'flying saucers'
Where were the Nazi getting this technology, or even the idea for this technology. There is a lot of evidence out there for Extraterrestrial races visiting Earth on a daily basis, even before WWII. There are some documents and photographs that suggest Hitler and the Third Reich being in contact with a particular ET race, and of them somehow getting some of their technology, mainly propulsion tech (flying saucers) and weapons, like certain Electro Magnetic Pulse weapons (EMP). They were also developing alternative fuels and zero-point energy devices, not unlike what Nikola Tesla himself, made. They wanted to be independent of the oil industry.

Hitler and the Nazis in Tibet 

Before World War 2, and during the war, the Nazis spent a large amount of resources and manpower on their quest to establish the origins of the Aryan Race. The institution focused on this, as well as all other manner of occult and esoteric studies, was the Ahnenerbe, started by Heinrich Himmler, in 1935.
 They conducted archaeological and cultural studies in many countries including Sweden, Finland, Poland, Iraq, Antarctica and, in particular, Tibet. The official story of the expeditions sent to Tibet was to investigate the myth that an Aryan Race conquered most of Asia and the Himalayas many thousands of years ago. Some believe however they were searching for Shambhala, a city situated in the Himalayas, and hoping to harness the great power found there, as told in many ancient texts. There is much evidence that The Germans found something. After the fall of Berlin, Soviet soldiers discovered hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist monks in SS uniforms, who seemed to have committed mass suicide. None of the bodies were able to be identified, thus it remains a mystery as to how they got there, who they were and what they were up to. The Nazis found the time and funds to transport transmitters to the furthest reaches of the Himalayas to maintain constant radio contact, which fuels the thesis they were on the brink of discovering something big or at least were certain they were heading in the right direction.
The 1930's German Academic, Theodore Illion, describes in his work ‘Darkness over Tibet’ his joy at finding a hole in the ground of the Tibetan Countryside and, upon entering, finding an underground city of monks. He learned they were ‘Black Yogis’, who aimed to control the world through astral projection and telepathy. His joy turned to horror when he discovered food that had been given to him by the monks contained human flesh. He escaped and was pursued by the monks across Tibet until he reached safety in his German homeland. His account came out in 1937, and within a year of its publication, Hitler had sent his occult research wing forth to the mystical area Illion.
It is suggested that Hitler’s objective was to establish contact with these obscure sorcerer monks. The route taken by the Ahnenerbe through Tibet emulated one taken by Aliester Crowley, and this, in turn, was copied by the OSS (the predecessor of the CIA) in 1942, in a highly secretive mission. The Tibet Nazi Connection is one of the most absorbing topics of the unexplained genre, and to this day its facts and true happenings remain shrouded in mystery.
I didn't have time to cover the Nazi Symbolism, but that's pretty interesting too, definitely worth researching.
For example the main Nazi symbol, is the Svastika, which can be found ALL OVER the Earth.
Stay tuned for more....


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