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Monday, April 16, 2012

User's guide to Enlightenment - Part II

I have delayed enough and we now continue on our journey of gathering information and turning it into real knowledge - Wisdom.

Who hasn't read the previous part, I suggest you first do that.
As we said previously, 'God' is 'the Truth', because it is the only thing that is eternal. God is the highest frequency of vibration of consciousness energy, so high, that it is no vibratiion at all.
Now, here comes the problem with the Ego.

The Ego

It is the rational part of us, and it basically is our oh so wrong idea and concept that we ARE our BODY, THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS. In truth we are all just conscious love and light, which chose to take the form of a human body, with human consciousness and human emotions, to experience and learn.
The material body is perfect (if we work on it), the soul (higher consciousness) is perfectly pure love and light... so, the only thing that needs to evolve is the Ego.

The problem with the Ego is that it binds with FORM, even if it's abstract form, like an idea or concept for something. This is a problem because, in this material frequency/density, nothing is eternal, in the sense of maintaining the same form (nothing can be de-stroyed). The Ego binds itself with the form, with thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas and concepts. So when it loses that which it is bound to, it suffers, and we suffer.
The only thing we have to do is learn from the suffering, and grow. Enlightenment is most often not a joyous and pleasurable experience, but a certain suffering and pain, without which we couldn't learn about ourselves and the existence.

The Ego is that which wants to BE, or HAVE. This is really important. The Ego operates with fear. It wants to imitate Love and higher consciousness, but it fails, so we get angry, mad, upset, hurt, and afraid. Afraid of losing what we have, and what we are. The real Truth is, we can NEVER lose what we really have, and we most certainly can't lose what we really ARE. And we are pure consciousness, pure creativity, pure bliss, pure love and pure light. And we are all ONE. That's why the Ego fails when it, for an example, binds or connects with another person, falls in love etc. It fails because, we are already all connected, we are the part of the same energy field of consciousness that is everywhere.

The bigger the Ego, the bigger the suffering. The Ego will never succeed, because there will always be more things that it doesn't hav, than things that it has. Enough on the Ego for now.

Some concepts

Belief = Ignorance
Abstraction = Illusion
Form of the Truth = Reality
Truth => Freeing yourself
Knowledge without practice = Information
Knowledge with practice = Wisdom
Darkness = Absence of Light
Evil = Poorly understood good
Fear = Absence of Love
Forgiveness => Freeing yourself

These are some basic concepts which are, to a big degree, the foundation of the road called enlightenment.
Really understanding these, gives you a better view of the big picture. Belief, for one thing, is absurd. If you believe that something is real (no matter if it is or isn't real), then you really don't know that is real. If you know that something is real, you DON'T need to BELIEVE it is real, because you already KNOW IT. Do you believe you are reading this sentence...? Nope, you KNOW you are reading it.

Now, I don't want to burst some religious freaks' bubble, but religion is dead and twisted philosophy. The form of the religion, in general, is a sick twist of the Ego, for dominance and control. It is so obvious.
Jesus once said - Do not hear what I say, see what I do. And that is the Truth, practice what you preach. Plus, you need 3 years to learn how to talk, but 60 years to learn how to shut up.
Okay, now that I got that out of the way, we can go back to Karma and Duality.
One important thing you need to remember is that EVERY problem which is solved stops manifesting, and every problem which is not really solved is getting bigger. And, also, happiness isn't the result of GOOD, and misery isn't the result of EVIL.
Okay now...

Karma = Law of Balance = Order =/= Chaos
Dharma = The Law of Life
Tao = The Way of Life/Existence of Consciousness

Karma is within the mind (note:not brain). The bigger the Ego, the bigger the Karma. That's why most animals don't experience Karma, or don't experience it the way we do. Karma doesn't forgive ignorance though, especially if someone chooses to be ignorant. It is a law that we all must learn. That law is within us, that's how we take part in our own 'destiny' so to speak. So Karma is not punishment, there is no punishment, only ignorance.

The main subject which I should write about is Unconditional Love and on the other side - Fear. But I will cover all that in the next part, soon.



  1. very interesting dude,never thought about it :D keep it up

  2. pretty hard to understand...well, I operate under an idea that clean and trained body is what makes strong mind, and that everyone should should pay attention to it before doing the enlightenment stuff

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