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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secret History of the Earth Part2:The Lost Years of Jesus

First I would like to wish you a happy new year. Now, to continue with another piece of the puzzle, which is, by itself, not so important, but it is a valuable piece to have, indeed.

The Church and those in power don't want you to know what happened in Jesus' teenage years and his twenties.   The bible has been re-written over 400 times, so either that part has been taken out, or, it was never written in the first place. There is just a blank space in the record that covers eighteen years in the life of Christ (from age 12 to 30). The church would have us believe that what transpired during these years is of no biblical importance.

The most prominent theory is that Jesus joined a trade caravan and travelled to the Far East, following the silk route under the guidance of a cabal of merchants.

Jesus is referred to as St. Issa in Buddhist and Hindu lore and texts, it is said that he journeyed through modern day Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, before traveling extensively through India and settling in Tibet. He studied and lived among the Buddhist monks for 6 years before returning to Jerusalem to preach. Here we see that part of the Christian philosophy has it's roots in Buddhism. 

For the skeptics, there is evidence to support this. In 1887, Russian Explorer and Aristocrat Nicholas Notovich stayed at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh, Northern India, while recuperating after breaking his leg.
 He heard of a text within the monastery library called ‘The Life of St Issa, Best of the Sons of Men’ after the monks had spoke of ‘Issa’ being a student at the monastery over a thousand years ago. The story was read to Notovich by the head lama, while Notovich furiously scribbled down what he could. 
***Ever wondered what the Halo is? It is the energy around the head and the Crown Chakra. The reason why Jesus and saints have it is because, their energy was so strong, the aura was visible even by common folk***
His book on the 
subject,  The book ‘The Secret Life of Jesus Christ’, can still be bought. Rumors persist of the text Notovich saw still existing in the Hemis Library. Though, the most irrefutable evidence comes from the Bhavishya Maha Purana, a highly respected ancient Indian text. The King of Kashmir, in the early first century AD, records how he met a fair haired, fair complexioned teacher dressed in white robes who came from the west, described himself as being born of a virgin, persecuted by his people and being the son of God.

The Journey after the crucifixion
Some other fun secrets facts on this subject... did you know that every apostle had his own gospel? So that makes 12 gospels in the New Testament, not 4. In one of them, it is said that while his wife Marie Magdalene carrying his child had supposedly gone to southern France, Jesus, his mother and some followers had gone to Kasmir, immediately after his crucifixion (which he survived and was drugged btw). There is an old Pleadian base there (Search Google for Human Pleadian race), it is said that Jesus hailed from this particular extra-terrestrial race of highly evolved humans, he was sent to this planet on a mission to steer, just as he said. He finished that mission, kinda unsuccessful and returned to the Pleiadian base in the mountains in Kashmir, where he also died years later.
His grave was found there a long time ago but that area was islamised along with the tombs and graves.

What to make of this? In my eyes it all fits together perfectly. Jesus was a more evolved soul to start with, BUT as we can see, his skills and abilities were honed and trained (apparently when he was going through India, and when he was living among the Buddhist monks).

The monks, to this day, have some of those abilities (like energy healing, telepathy, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, astral projection, materialisation and many other) and they can be learned by anyone, not just them, or Jesus... because it natural, but most of this intoxicated, ignorant race is taught otherwise by those in power, and the Church itself. Imagine, to what degree they would lose their power if every human knew he/she has the potential to fully activate the pineal gland, detox their body of the filthy food, water and air, and develop into a full, enlightened Human Being, compassionate and kind, just like Jesus was striving to teach humanity (But his words were turned into a way to create fear and control).

Next time, we continue, with Secrets of the Nazi.


  1. Interesting read. I didn't knew that the bible was re-written so many times. Also that humans can activate X-Y glands and heal and detox.. Still skeptical about that :/

    1. Recent researh on ibogaine (medicine derived from tabernathe iboga) now legal in nz (where I live)is phenominal in its powers to heal the body, heal the brain through rem sleep patterns-when the brain is at its most plastic&detox the body from almost all drugs sounds phenominal but i (along with many others) have experianed it - worth checking out if you want to detox your body and purify your spirit-cheesy as it sounds.

  2. nice to know actually i am saving it to show a family member XD

  3. Norbi, watch David Willcok, many things will become clearer to you