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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ancient Power Places

The ancient remains of powerful pagan civilizations cast long shadows into the present. The bright light of scientific investigations only deepens the mysteries surrounding the strange occurances and unnerving experiences and makes the shadows darker still…
While the Earth is full of strange unexpected and inexplicable creatures it is no less replete with mysterious and enigmatic works of mankind itself.
Very strange things are traditionally said to happen at ancient sites and power places (energy centers, some Earth chakras). Odd occurances have been associated with such megalithic sites since time immemorial, and the stones, then and now, have been held to possess 'mysterios powers', that are actually energy physics, people couldn't understand (and most still can't). There is nothing new about stone circles attracting or generating spectres, visions of fairies and other odd creatures from folklore.

My theory on what actully is happening at these sites - with my current knowledge of energy and physics of energy, and research in general, in this area, I can assume that, just like the structure of the pyramids, the structure and position of these stones and structures attract the flow of energy, with a particullar frequency and strength of course. So what this energy maybe does is:
- Influence the person and his/hers pineal gland
- Attracts certain animals
- Opens energy portals to higher vibrational realities or even time-portals to the past or future (because time is like a fluid, it's non linear)
There have been occurances where some extinct animals were found at some sites, alive and well. There was a particular one where an alive frog was found inside a rock, when it was broken in half.
Men-an-tol, Cornwall
It is commonly believed that the number of indvidual stones in certain circles cannot be counted, allthough many sites are associated with specific numbers, most often the key mystical numbers of 3, 7, 9 and 12. Possibly one reason that they cannot be counted is that, so the legends say, they can move of their own accord. Many stones are reputed to resist any attempt to move them, but they are shifted out of place by some means, will put themselves back where they came from. Others are still more independent. One such is the Enstone, near Oxford. It is particulary regular in it's habits. It reputedly takes a drink every midnight at a neighbouring stream. There may be a connection between this kid of belief and the tradition that many standing stones, especially groups of them were once people, now petrified, like the Merry Maidens, in Cornwall, the Two Pipers and the Blind Fiddler, the Rollright Stones and others.

Not all the powers associated with the ancient stones are so spooky. Many have the reputation of being able to heal, or impart healing properties. Water that has been splashed on the stones at Stonehenge will cure ailments. Sick children were traditionally passed through the hole in the famous Men-an-Tol in Cornwall. Other sites have the same capacity, especially those associated with water such as holy wells and ancient spas. There's evidence that the baths at Bath, for instance have been regarded as curative for some 7000 years.

There is a scientific aspect to this above. Many of you actually know about the healing properties of water. If not, I suggest you watch the Russian documantary - Water. 'Holy water' isn't just mumbo-jumbo and superstition - It is energized and crystalized water with purificational and healing properties. You can say it's like a liquid crystal, the molecules are crystalized according to the surrounding energy (Water molecules are like mirrors to the surrounding envionment). And the rocks and their formation, like I said, can allow certain energies to flow, be they from the Earth or cosmic energy.
Many of these ancient sites are also associated with other certain legendary entities - the Dragons (whose origins I will try to cover in a later post). Stories, myths and legends occur in virtually all cultures of the world, of a Serpent, Wyrm, or Dragon, whose qualities are peculiarly ambiguous.
I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned.

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