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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pyramids in Macedonia

Good to be back for a bit. Those of you who follow my posts, among others, are well aware of the 4 ancient giant pyramids at Visoko, in Bosnia. Well, recently I have heard of talks about pyramids here, where I live, in Macedonia. Nobody I found actually knew the exact location, for, it's said it's not just one pyramid. First of all, for most of you to understand what a big deal this is, I will sum up some things, but first, get to know some of the actual physics and properties of the pyramid structure itself. I'd suggest first going through the post about the Bosnian pyramids, and maybe watching this cool conference on "coast to coast" with David Wilcock, on the many newly re-discovered pyramids all over the world.
Here's the full video...

Really cool stuff. It's interesting how the ancient civilizations after Atlantis still were holding this knowledge about the pyramids and their properties.
With the current rulers of the world still striving to hold us in ignorance, most of the people on this Earth still think that the Pyramids are tombs, and that they are just indigenous to the ancient Egyptian and American (real American) civilizations. The main thing they're trying to do in this archeological sector of keeping ignorance, is convincing you that these newly found pyramids are just naturally formed rocks and hills... I mean COME ON. And people still suck those lies up, just like everything else, it's really sad.

Back on topic. There is this one guy here in Macedonia, which name I forgot, and which talks about this one hill being a pyramid. 
Here is something interesting that happened recently... My girlfriend was returning by bus from the capital city of Skopje, where I live, about a 3 hour drive to the town where she lives. She fell asleep, when later, suddenly heard a voice telling her to wake up (no, she's not insane, and those of you who still have this way of old thinking can just close this tab). So, she woke up, and to the right, saw a hill that looked like a pyramid. She's never noticed it before, and now, couldn't stop looking at it. She saw a bright column of light coming from the top and going up to this brilliant indigo cloud of energy.

Interesting thing, the next day, on the news she sees that a crop circle had formed near that location.

Here is a video and a picture of the crop circle.

I feel the need to visit this place, it's about less than 80km from the capital.
I'll try to help in the process of uncovering if that hill is really a pyramid. If it is, it's a damn big one.
I went on Google maps and tried to find it, between the towns of Veles and Shtip. To be honest, I didn't expect to find anything, because, as you may know from the Bosnian pyramids, these structures can date up to 30 000 - 40 000 years old, so they're kinda covered with soil and vegetation and look like hills.
Here is what I found from a 'Google maps' perspective...

Just look at those perfect lines... no way that would be naturally formed, plus I've never seen a hill that looks like this, not by a long shot. Another thing, this is an area called - Овче Поле (Ovche Pole- literally meaning Sheep's Field) and it consists of small round mountains, hills and... well, yeah, fields. So this thing, whatever it may be, stands out... you can even see it from a very zoomed out map.

I'll keep this updated...


  1. nbody cares about masedonia

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  3. I'm caring for his mum

  4. Dude, I love your post and web site, and I agree with you 10000000000% so ignore all the idiots that scribble on this great web site, they are going to die ignorant. Cheers! And keep up the good work :)

  5. Great post. The guy talking about the pyramids in Macedonia is Vlado Pavlov.

  6. Amazing I'm Macedonian I feel u 1000%